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Five reasons why you should update your Customer Service software

One of the fundamental points in good customer service is keeping up with the clients needs and opening any channel that they might desire to use to contact the company. This shows your potential buyers that you are very keen on helping them and welcome any means of communication. But don’t get me wrong, an update in customer service not only benefits the client (which is the ultimate goal), it’s also very beneficial for the team of workers in the company. Because when there is a bad customer service system there are negative impacts inside and outside the company. So why should you update your customer service? We’ll let Ghostbusters explain.


1. Clients don’t just call anymore

In the 80’s movie ‘Ghostbusters’ we see how Bill Murray and his group of geeky scientists take it upon themselves to save the town from ghosts. In their advertisement for their services we heard the now famous catchphrase “Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!”. Well I think it’s safe to say that if Ghostbusters were still around a lot of people wouldn’t just be calling them on their phone. Clients now may prefer to use other channels to contact the company like for example live chat or social media. Maybe they would even try to solve their ghost problem all by themselves if Ghostbusters had a great Customer Portal on their website. Call centers need to  up their game if they want to keep up with their clients.

2. Agents need a good ticketing system to work efficiently

Using Ghostbusters as a reference again, imagine if there were 3 ghosts that needed exterminating all at the same time but there isn’t a proper distribution and coordination system and all of the Ghostbusters go to get the same one. Chaos.  That is what happens in customer service when there isn’t a good ticketing system. Agents can’t waste time arranging among themselves who should have one case or another. A ticketing system is primary to be efficient in the workplace, so that the agent only has to receive incoming calls and messages and just worry about solving the client’s problem.

3. Supervisors need detailed reports

How are we meant to improve in anything in life if nobody tells us what we’re doing wrong or what could be done better? In business this is the same. Supervisors need to know what the customers think of their service with feedback after their experiences. They also need to do how their agents are performing and in what areas is the team weaker so as to improve. All of this comes in detailed reports with analytics on everyone’s work. If we translate this into our Ghostbuster examples we could say that the only way to know if the customers are happy with their ghostbusting service is by keeping tabs on everyone’s job. Imagine that every time they go and exterminate a ghost they end up soaking everyone in green goo and it’s very unpleasant. If there are reports on those activities a supervisor could tell them to be more careful next time and therefore improve the overall experience of the service (1)

4. Clients need immediacy

What would be the point of a customer calling Ghostbusters if they don’t show up until a week has passed? As with the problem of ghosts, many issues a customer might have require an immediate solution. Emails are still very useful but they are no longer the channel for quick responses, answering an email could take an agent days. On the other hand if a customer were to contact the agent via live chat he would have the option to help him that moment. This is something that is very valued in customer service, especially in recent times when were are used to getting everything we need whenever we want with just a click of the mouse.

5. Reducing number of tickets

As it was mentioned before, clients could very well solve their own problems with an updated Customer Portal. This feature could reduce the number of tickets and have a more organised customer service. Also with a proper ticketing system and an simple dashboard where the agent can control everything, he or she could multitask and deal with more than one ticket at a time. This would also mean a reduction of the cases and a lighter work flow. Just imagine that Bill Murray could deal with two ghosts at the same time, there would be no ghosts left in town before we could even realise!

So after reading this now you know what you’re missing out on. Don’t wait any longer and ask yourself the question: “Who you gonna call?”. Rely on to provide all of these services for a better, more efficient, customer service. Try out our free demo now!



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